Our Ancestors Knew Something About Hair

“Mama said they’ll be day’s like this.” You all know the song I hope. Remember when you finally took over taking care of your own hair? Do you remember when your mother looked at you when you decided to cut, dye, and perm it.

Well I remember, because mother mother was not only the type to give you that look but she was verbal. “What the hell were you thinking? Your hair gonna fall out and don’t come to me to fix it. You on your own.”

Well thanks for that little jinx because “Mama it fell OUT!” I had to think. I remember when I was little my mother would buy a coconut, crack it, ground it up, squeezed the liquid out and boiled it. I said yuck and that’s nasty. At the end of all her hard work there would be a cup of coconut oil.

Now I am going old school. Remember DAX hair grease. Well she would mix the coconut oil with the DAX.  She knew what she was doing, because I had long healthy hair.

That is why all my products contain coconut oil. She learn how to get the oil from her mother and her mother learned from her mother.

Not everything new is better. Natural products tend to do the best and if I admit nothing else but this, it would be “YOUR RIGHT MOM, OK”

Boy that hurt to say that because I am mom now. I should know best. Go figure.

(next  blog I will talk mainly about my hair and how it is responding to my hair product)


Back to the Beginning

I am feeling a bit hair-a-lishous today. That is truly not a real word and I know this. I am enjoying my life and today I am feeling playful if you have not already guessed that.

I am going to take you back to the beginning. I was born with hair on my head. There is no other beginning than that.(You didn’t expect that did you?) Well from then till now I have taken my hair on journey’s that it never asked to go on. And it finally put a stop to it. It ripped up its ticket and said I am getting out of here.

So my hair said fair well, leaving me depressed and scared. Will it ever come back? What am I going to do? After a few heart palpitations I calmed down and decided to treat my head better.

It’s been two years since I had my last relaxer. Now I not only welcomed my hair back but I treat it like it should have been treated. Like the crown with diamonds.

I decided only natural things are going to be touch my diamonds. So I created my own hair and body butter. I scented with a yummy coconut smell and suddenly I was getting asked what I had on. I told them and I gave out little samples. Suddenly I had customers. That’s also when I decided to create my brand. Completely Gorgeous One.

So back to my diamonds, it started to sparkle bright. Other’s attempted to touch it but I would not allow it. Why you may ask. I will list the reasons.

  1. Where did they have their hands? People do not always wash their hands.
  2. Is there a chemical on their hands that will break off my strands?
  3. Will they dare to pull it out? (not everyone is sweet)
  4. If I allow you to touch my hair, will they feel entitle to touch my hair all the time?
  5. I won’t allow anyone touch my children’s hair, why would I allow it to happen to me?

So my hair is  protected almost as much as Fort Knox. It is in control, It’s  calling the shots and I am always listening.

If you like my quirkiness, I am happy to bring you a laugh. 🙂



Completely Gorgeous One

I could start my blog just like everyone else and say welcome to my site. But that’s not me so I will say It’s time to get on the “C” train.

So you swiped your card and entered the “c” train. Take a seat and let me take you on a tour. Our first destination is the topic of Completely Gorgeous One. I was working at a job for about eight years and I needed something more. I have done the same thing every day repetitively for eight years.

I tried to get a promotion that was not happening because I am to valuable in the position I am in. That was one of many daggers that were thrown and hit its mark, on my soul. Did you feel that drastic stop? Yes my soul had so many daggers in it that you could use it as a fish net.

So I got my associates in management and I started to think what would make me happy. Working another ten years with these holes or start putting  spackle and fill it.

So I came up with Completely Gorgeous One. I wanted to make and sell something that is special. I sell  natural hair butters/creams, soap, candles etc. things that make you feel as if you are important enough to take care of you. I am a strong believer in physical and spiritual detox.

Before taking a much need a vacation I looked and felt like a cross between the living dead and an angry piece of meat. Another halt and were are waiting to cross over the bride. The first few days I slept like I never slept before. I made my products and sold them and just enjoyed being me, in my own skin.

Part of detoxing is meditation and pampering. You were born completely gorgeous in the eyes of the people who loved you. Now when you look at you do you see yourself as that gorgeous person you are?

We are almost at our destination. My products are natural and I try to keep the ingredients to a minimal. The smell of the products will put a smile on your face and the feel of the products will give you that comfort your body is calling for.

If you look to the right, outside the window you will see that we are almost there. It’s not right to feel beaten down by stress and even though we cannot avoid it we can go to war and fight for our gorgeousness.

We are at a full stop. My blog is going to be a ride of my journey making it in my business.

My hope and my enthusiasm has been restore because I realize that I am going to make it. We all start somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed this little ride, until next time. Enjoy.