Hello to you all and welcome to another excerpt from Completely Gorgeous One. So today’s topic is of course hair. But what can I touch on that has not already been  said?

Let’s talk about Thalassemia Minor or Beta. You may say “WT**” is that. Well Thalassemia is a condition that affects the red blood cells. I want to touch on the minor because if you have major, you probably already knew that since birth.

The red blood cells are abnormally small. So your hemoglobin is usually low and you have difficulty absorbing iron. As I said previously if you had the major. You would know about it since birth. But the minor is not really considered a big thing in the medical community.

You may be asking your self, well why not? It is felt that since it is minor it mimics anemia and can be treated just like it. I can only speak on my experience about this.

Regular iron supplements do not work. I repeat regular supplements do not work for me. I take iron pills and my levels never went up. My fatigue never went away. My memory was getting out of control and my all around emotional well being was terrible.

Yes this sounds like anemia. The difference is iron deficient anemia  is due to lack of iron. Thalassemia, red blood cell will not take and store the iron to make it benefit you. The only way I could get iron to stay was by iron transfusion. I felt nauseous the next day but only it started be absorbed into my body I felt as if I was a teenager. It lasts for a while as well.

What does this have to do with hair? Red blood cells carry oxygen. If it is smaller than normal then you hair is not getting the benefit of oxygen rich blood to stimulate growth. If your hair is thinning and breaking. Or if your sheading excessively this could be the cause. The only way to find out is by a blood test. You may be able to take iron supplements and have it work wonderfully for you.

My advice if your not taking medication that is affecting your hair growth and you don’t have a condition that causes your hair to fall out, example alopecia. Then get tested. Oh by the way you may have to ask for them to search for this by name. Why? Because most physician’s do not look for this.

I will touch on this subject again on my YouTube page. Hopefully I will down load it by this week.

I want to wish you a wonderful day and if you want to reach me. Send me a message below. I will answer.


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