Sorry for being a bit more consistent with my hair blog. The last time I wrote about omega fatty acids and benefits.

Since then I have created my you tube page but I need to up load more topics. I spoke a bout having telegen alopecia. This occurs when you are on some form of medication that can cause you to loose your hair. I was on two of them.

Since I discontinued using these medication it’s been a process of taking care of my self inside and out. I do not perm my hair. I rarely use heat on my hair and if I do I use the natural heat protectant that I have created for my self.

So the first product I am very proud of is My Me, Myself &I  Hair and body butter. this is the combination  of shea, kukum ,grapeseed ,aloe ,coconut oil, vitamin E, Jojoba and essential oils that promote scalp health.

Since I have created this product I have been told that they can not manage to keep it for them selves. A family member is always confiscating it for their own use. This product is my best seller.

Another product that has been doing well is my Cinnamon Hot Oil treatment. You may be asking your self why cinnamon? For one very important reason, to stimulate the red blood cells to go to the hair roots. Cinnamon has been used for this purpose for years.  This information has been collected by herbalist and by using the product.

I have combined aloe, olive oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil. Cinnamon essential oil.

I have to put this out there. You have to be very careful of essential oils. If you use too much it can cause you to have a bad reaction. Too little you will not have the benefit it provides.

Both products provide anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial factors. Majority of my products that I create can be used for hair and body.

If you want to contact me please email me at I would love to hear from you.


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