Happy New year to you all.

I have been very lax on this site due to life. I will not lie about it. The amount of stress that I allow in my life due to my job is a true demotivator.

Since I have taken a week away from the stress thing have gotten back into focus. My first advice that I will give to you all is not to take to many advice from people. They may mean good but it does not help at all.

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Omega 3 is a benefit for hair health. It helps with growth and retention. A healthy scalp that is well oiled means that the follicles are getting proper nutrition.

Not overly oily scalps that itch and flake. I am talking about normal scalp health. Omega 3  promotes hormones that affect the health, tone, and sheen of your hair growth

It is recommended that 1 tablespoon of fish oil or 1-2 capsules of fish oil daily promotes and prevents hair loss.

Exceeding 4000mg of omega 3 can increase the risk of internal bleeding.

In my ABC hair formula Omega 3 is added to help with retention and scalp health. It will be available  by the 23rd of January.

I hope this information has been some use to you. Have a wonderful day.



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