Ok, first and for most. Hello to you all. I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. I am speaking about my experiences with my children. I am not claiming to be an expert on mix hair, but I have been doing their hair since they were born.

Now let’s get into this. I have two girls with two different textured hair. One has Spanish curly hair with a patch of thick hair from me. The second has my thick, thick hair with length down to her lower back.

Oh I forgot to mention that she is tender headed. If you do not know what that is let me tell you it is the worst thing to deal with.  It is when you try to comb a person hair and the minute you try to comb through it, the person is in pain.

I feel it is a two-part condition. First it the oversensitive of the scalp and second it the memory of having any pain in the head causes fear that it will happen again.

Back to the topic.

My curly hair child should have been easy to manage. Well  it was not. Curls are not always a blessing. It has a tendency to dry out. If you try to braid it, the curls would wrap around your fingers or the curls will slide out of the braid. The patch of hair that is mine was crazy to tame. I literally used a different product just for that patch of hair. That’ s crazy and expensive to deal with.

My youngest daughter I have to muster up the strength to deal with her. Not her hair mind you, but to deal with her. I have to use products that moisturize and seal her hair. I have to be blessed, because any one else with less patience than I do would just give up and let it knot up.

When I realize that I was spending close to a hundred a fifty to two hundred dollars on hair products I decided to make my own. I put oils together that would work on one not the other. So created a cream that worked for one and not the other. I took some extra strength Tylenol because the process of figuring this out gave me migraines.

Finally I found the right combinations. I became so good at making it that I would give my oils away. So one of my friends told me I should start selling my products. So I took her advice and I started Completely Gorgeous One.

So My daughters were the catalyst to this business and thank goodness I figured out what to use on my mixed kids hair.



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