Good morning

Today is a gorgeous day and yet stress is a foot. Like that relative that always tries to borrow money and can not get the hint of “NO” and “Go Away”.

Stress is unavoidable but stressing your hair root is. Stress affects everyone differently and so it will affect everyone’s hair differently.

Your either going to have:

extremely thinning hair

Loss of hair

Irritation of the skin on the scalp

Too much heat, becomes fried

Too little heat, becomes brittle

Producing too much oil or too little oil

The list goes on and on. I am not a  to tell you how to eliminate stress. But  I will vouch for quite time. During my quite time I may put on some hair thickener lotion and massage my scalp. Which is very soothing.

For scalp irritation I use my hair and body butter mixture which the main ingredient is aloe. Majority of my products have aloe in it. I feel like it’s a soldier defending my skin.

I know drinking water does help to calm your “internal aggravations”. It also helps to have it run on your scalp, it’s an amazing relaxant. I guess that’s why people fall asleep in a nice bath or to the sound of water running.

I wanted to blog info about the benefits of certain products and how they can benefit you. I decided to post how herbs and oils from different parts of the world work together to nourish you inside and radiates outside.

My product contain herbs and oils that I get from different cultures when combine are amazing. I hope you continue following me and enjoy by blog.

My web site will be active to sell my products by 9/26/2016. It will have a blog section and a customer comment section. Which I definitely would love feed back. Until next time.




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