Good morning you gorgeous people out there.

Keeping you up to date with not only hair progress but buisness progress. I finally posted pics on my last post of my hair length. I will not flat iron my hair for another 2months from now to see the length. So I will post that. I am so happy about my hair progress.

As for my buisness, it is growing slowly by word of mouth and I am so happy. I have done a couple of flea markets and I do get a turn out but I never guessed how many people want things for free. I love free things but I have to make some kind of profit.

My web site on shopify  will be up this week and I will be introducing new products as well. I feel so blessed and happy that this is working out for me. I will definatly tell how many things that I have tried that really was not a good fit for me. I think other people can relate to my plight.

Until next time. The goal is to keep happy, heathy and length of our hair, bod and soul.


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