Hello CGO lovelies. I tried to post a video for you to see my hair length. I was straightening it and it was the perfect time to show it. But WordPress on my phone will not let me in. Why is that I wondered? But I have not answers.

So my hair length after washing and air-dried is 5 inches from root to cheek. After flat-iron it is eleven inches.  I am ecstatic. After years fo perming it and it not growing past my shoulders almost brought a tear to my eye.

So I have been using my hair and body butter after co-washing and I just used my hair thickener for flat ironing.

My products are doing well and my customers love it. I am going to promote it at a flea market this weekend. I have already an out-of-state order and my heart just flipped with joy. Corny right.

I love making my products, but even more I love that people are loving it just as much as me.

Finally  got some  pictures up. Until then, see you


meThis is my hair shrinkage.



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