Good  evening CGO’s. I wanted to talk about hairdresser’s. There are many hairdressers out there. Some who live eat and breath hair. Then there are those who are there to make a buck.

There are several things I look for a good hairdresser when I use to go. I took over taking care of my hair for reason’s I will put in the end.

1. When I walk into a salon, I immediately notice how many hairdressers are talking to each other.

You must be thinking that I am crazy. Listen to my logic. If they are talking more to each other and not paying attention to the client. It raises a red flag for me. That’s when mistakes happen. Over cutting, excessive pulling, burned by a blow dryer, curling iron etc..

2. Notice the body language and the eye signals.

When I go up to the receptionist and ask which hairstylist is good at natural hair care. If they tell you a name but you see the attitude behind it, example “Marcia is good, you want to wait for her”  am I inconveniencing you? Or  overly enthusiastic “Tamia is great, but they all are. It’s really up to you.” But the eye signal is, go for Tamia.

3. The hairstylist hair. 

There is nothing wrong with having weave or extensions. But if I see the their edges are next to nothing. The first thought is “Why are they not taking care of there own hair.” Yes, that is not any of my business. But if your representing a hairstylist then people will look at your hair.

4. Are the clients satisfied

When customers leave they do give a review of their work. They may say,”I like the cut, but I think she went a little scissor happy.” That little information, I put on the breaks. I’m trying to grow my hair not chop it off.

Those are just a few. I also believe in that old wise tale”will their hands help my hair grow?” I thought that was crazy talk that island people came with, but I have had my hair go through some trials and I will not allow just anyone to do my hair now. I take care of my children’s hair and their hair always grows. Just use your instinct and pick the best hairstylist for you.


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