Hello CGP’s (completely gorgeous people). Last light I started thinking what is actually in the air and landing on my hair.  Weird thought right but it did float in there.

So my discovery totally grossed me out. First I work in the city. So the fumes are understandable but pieces of tires is an eye opener.

Also fat is deposited on my hair.Yuck!  It comes from the Chinese food store and the chicken spots, where they fry chicken. A scientific researcher took samples of particles floating in the air in several parts of New York and he found this and other things.

It depends where you are most of the day, for things to be able to get on your hair. We all know salt can break hair. So the fact I live by the ocean does not help. It helps my sinuses but not my hair.

I won’t even go into what could be happening when I am riding on the train. Normally I do not touch my hair, but there are times I do touch my hair after holding the pole to steady myself.

So knowing all this what am I supposed to do? I’m gonna tell ya what I’m gonna do. Stay diligent taking care of my hair and my daughter’s hair.

Continue my co-washes, deep conditioning and no heat styles to prevent damage. I just recently started wearing a silk scarf to my job because it helped combat the humidity and having my hair puff up. Now I have another reason.

What is floating around you? You can figure it out by just looking around. Information is power. I hope I gave you some useful info and if not at least I gave you some knowledge about what is in the air.


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