“Mama said they’ll be day’s like this.” You all know the song I hope. Remember when you finally took over taking care of your own hair? Do you remember when your mother looked at you when you decided to cut, dye, and perm it.

Well I remember, because mother mother was not only the type to give you that look but she was verbal. “What the hell were you thinking? Your hair gonna fall out and don’t come to me to fix it. You on your own.”

Well thanks for that little jinx because “Mama it fell OUT!” I had to think. I remember when I was little my mother would buy a coconut, crack it, ground it up, squeezed the liquid out and boiled it. I said yuck and that’s nasty. At the end of all her hard work there would be a cup of coconut oil.

Now I am going old school. Remember DAX hair grease. Well she would mix the coconut oil with the DAX.  She knew what she was doing, because I had long healthy hair.

That is why all my products contain coconut oil. She learn how to get the oil from her mother and her mother learned from her mother.

Not everything new is better. Natural products tend to do the best and if I admit nothing else but this, it would be “YOUR RIGHT MOM, OK”

Boy that hurt to say that because I am mom now. I should know best. Go figure.

(next  blog I will talk mainly about my hair and how it is responding to my hair product)


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