I am feeling a bit hair-a-lishous today. That is truly not a real word and I know this. I am enjoying my life and today I am feeling playful if you have not already guessed that.

I am going to take you back to the beginning. I was born with hair on my head. There is no other beginning than that.(You didn’t expect that did you?) Well from then till now I have taken my hair on journey’s that it never asked to go on. And it finally put a stop to it. It ripped up its ticket and said I am getting out of here.

So my hair said fair well, leaving me depressed and scared. Will it ever come back? What am I going to do? After a few heart palpitations I calmed down and decided to treat my head better.

It’s been two years since I had my last relaxer. Now I not only welcomed my hair back but I treat it like it should have been treated. Like the crown with diamonds.

I decided only natural things are going to be touch my diamonds. So I created my own hair and body butter. I scented with a yummy coconut smell and suddenly I was getting asked what I had on. I told them and I gave out little samples. Suddenly I had customers. That’s also when I decided to create my brand. Completely Gorgeous One.

So back to my diamonds, it started to sparkle bright. Other’s attempted to touch it but I would not allow it. Why you may ask. I will list the reasons.

  1. Where did they have their hands? People do not always wash their hands.
  2. Is there a chemical on their hands that will break off my strands?
  3. Will they dare to pull it out? (not everyone is sweet)
  4. If I allow you to touch my hair, will they feel entitle to touch my hair all the time?
  5. I won’t allow anyone touch my children’s hair, why would I allow it to happen to me?

So my hair is  protected almost as much as Fort Knox. It is in control, It’s  calling the shots and I am always listening.

If you like my quirkiness, I am happy to bring you a laugh. 🙂




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