Does Thalassemia minor affect the growth of my hair?

Hello to you all and welcome to another excerpt from Completely Gorgeous One. So today’s topic is of course hair. But what can I touch on that has not already been  said?

Let’s talk about Thalassemia Minor or Beta. You may say “WT**” is that. Well Thalassemia is a condition that affects the red blood cells. I want to touch on the minor because if you have major, you probably already knew that since birth.

The red blood cells are abnormally small. So your hemoglobin is usually low and you have difficulty absorbing iron. As I said previously if you had the major. You would know about it since birth. But the minor is not really considered a big thing in the medical community.

You may be asking your self, well why not? It is felt that since it is minor it mimics anemia and can be treated just like it. I can only speak on my experience about this.

Regular iron supplements do not work. I repeat regular supplements do not work for me. I take iron pills and my levels never went up. My fatigue never went away. My memory was getting out of control and my all around emotional well being was terrible.

Yes this sounds like anemia. The difference is iron deficient anemia  is due to lack of iron. Thalassemia, red blood cell will not take and store the iron to make it benefit you. The only way I could get iron to stay was by iron transfusion. I felt nauseous the next day but only it started be absorbed into my body I felt as if I was a teenager. It lasts for a while as well.

What does this have to do with hair? Red blood cells carry oxygen. If it is smaller than normal then you hair is not getting the benefit of oxygen rich blood to stimulate growth. If your hair is thinning and breaking. Or if your sheading excessively this could be the cause. The only way to find out is by a blood test. You may be able to take iron supplements and have it work wonderfully for you.

My advice if your not taking medication that is affecting your hair growth and you don’t have a condition that causes your hair to fall out, example alopecia. Then get tested. Oh by the way you may have to ask for them to search for this by name. Why? Because most physician’s do not look for this.

I will touch on this subject again on my YouTube page. Hopefully I will down load it by this week.

I want to wish you a wonderful day and if you want to reach me. Send me a message below. I will answer.


Intro to products for natural hair. 

Sorry for being a bit more consistent with my hair blog. The last time I wrote about omega fatty acids and benefits.

Since then I have created my you tube page but I need to up load more topics. I spoke a bout having telegen alopecia. This occurs when you are on some form of medication that can cause you to loose your hair. I was on two of them.

Since I discontinued using these medication it’s been a process of taking care of my self inside and out. I do not perm my hair. I rarely use heat on my hair and if I do I use the natural heat protectant that I have created for my self.

So the first product I am very proud of is My Me, Myself &I  Hair and body butter. this is the combination  of shea, kukum ,grapeseed ,aloe ,coconut oil, vitamin E, Jojoba and essential oils that promote scalp health.

Since I have created this product I have been told that they can not manage to keep it for them selves. A family member is always confiscating it for their own use. This product is my best seller.

Another product that has been doing well is my Cinnamon Hot Oil treatment. You may be asking your self why cinnamon? For one very important reason, to stimulate the red blood cells to go to the hair roots. Cinnamon has been used for this purpose for years.  This information has been collected by herbalist and by using the product.

I have combined aloe, olive oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil. Cinnamon essential oil.

I have to put this out there. You have to be very careful of essential oils. If you use too much it can cause you to have a bad reaction. Too little you will not have the benefit it provides.

Both products provide anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial factors. Majority of my products that I create can be used for hair and body.

If you want to contact me please email me at I would love to hear from you.

Omega 3 how important it is for hair health

Happy New year to you all.

I have been very lax on this site due to life. I will not lie about it. The amount of stress that I allow in my life due to my job is a true demotivator.

Since I have taken a week away from the stress thing have gotten back into focus. My first advice that I will give to you all is not to take to many advice from people. They may mean good but it does not help at all.

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Omega 3 is a benefit for hair health. It helps with growth and retention. A healthy scalp that is well oiled means that the follicles are getting proper nutrition.

Not overly oily scalps that itch and flake. I am talking about normal scalp health. Omega 3  promotes hormones that affect the health, tone, and sheen of your hair growth

It is recommended that 1 tablespoon of fish oil or 1-2 capsules of fish oil daily promotes and prevents hair loss.

Exceeding 4000mg of omega 3 can increase the risk of internal bleeding.

In my ABC hair formula Omega 3 is added to help with retention and scalp health. It will be available  by the 23rd of January.

I hope this information has been some use to you. Have a wonderful day.


The Truth about mixed hair on my children

Ok, first and for most. Hello to you all. I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. I am speaking about my experiences with my children. I am not claiming to be an expert on mix hair, but I have been doing their hair since they were born.

Now let’s get into this. I have two girls with two different textured hair. One has Spanish curly hair with a patch of thick hair from me. The second has my thick, thick hair with length down to her lower back.

Oh I forgot to mention that she is tender headed. If you do not know what that is let me tell you it is the worst thing to deal with.  It is when you try to comb a person hair and the minute you try to comb through it, the person is in pain.

I feel it is a two-part condition. First it the oversensitive of the scalp and second it the memory of having any pain in the head causes fear that it will happen again.

Back to the topic.

My curly hair child should have been easy to manage. Well  it was not. Curls are not always a blessing. It has a tendency to dry out. If you try to braid it, the curls would wrap around your fingers or the curls will slide out of the braid. The patch of hair that is mine was crazy to tame. I literally used a different product just for that patch of hair. That’ s crazy and expensive to deal with.

My youngest daughter I have to muster up the strength to deal with her. Not her hair mind you, but to deal with her. I have to use products that moisturize and seal her hair. I have to be blessed, because any one else with less patience than I do would just give up and let it knot up.

When I realize that I was spending close to a hundred a fifty to two hundred dollars on hair products I decided to make my own. I put oils together that would work on one not the other. So created a cream that worked for one and not the other. I took some extra strength Tylenol because the process of figuring this out gave me migraines.

Finally I found the right combinations. I became so good at making it that I would give my oils away. So one of my friends told me I should start selling my products. So I took her advice and I started Completely Gorgeous One.

So My daughters were the catalyst to this business and thank goodness I figured out what to use on my mixed kids hair.


Jump up on it

Hello to all of you. I have taken a break on blogging due to getting my web site up. Never in my life have I every been more frustrated, disgusted and at the verge  of rage trying to set it up.

Truly this has to be a labor of love. I would have thrown the towel in if not for this incredible drive I have.

My online store at the moment has the major three products that I sell out of quickly. By October 14th my store will have the Completely Gorgeous One line in its entirety. Natural soaps, Hair lotions, oils, etc.

I will have a Facebook event on the 15th at 8pm.I would love all of you to be there.

Stress In Effect

Good morning

Today is a gorgeous day and yet stress is a foot. Like that relative that always tries to borrow money and can not get the hint of “NO” and “Go Away”.

Stress is unavoidable but stressing your hair root is. Stress affects everyone differently and so it will affect everyone’s hair differently.

Your either going to have:

extremely thinning hair

Loss of hair

Irritation of the skin on the scalp

Too much heat, becomes fried

Too little heat, becomes brittle

Producing too much oil or too little oil

The list goes on and on. I am not a  to tell you how to eliminate stress. But  I will vouch for quite time. During my quite time I may put on some hair thickener lotion and massage my scalp. Which is very soothing.

For scalp irritation I use my hair and body butter mixture which the main ingredient is aloe. Majority of my products have aloe in it. I feel like it’s a soldier defending my skin.

I know drinking water does help to calm your “internal aggravations”. It also helps to have it run on your scalp, it’s an amazing relaxant. I guess that’s why people fall asleep in a nice bath or to the sound of water running.

I wanted to blog info about the benefits of certain products and how they can benefit you. I decided to post how herbs and oils from different parts of the world work together to nourish you inside and radiates outside.

My product contain herbs and oils that I get from different cultures when combine are amazing. I hope you continue following me and enjoy by blog.

My web site will be active to sell my products by 9/26/2016. It will have a blog section and a customer comment section. Which I definitely would love feed back. Until next time.



Hair and Buisness update.

Good morning you gorgeous people out there.

Keeping you up to date with not only hair progress but buisness progress. I finally posted pics on my last post of my hair length. I will not flat iron my hair for another 2months from now to see the length. So I will post that. I am so happy about my hair progress.

As for my buisness, it is growing slowly by word of mouth and I am so happy. I have done a couple of flea markets and I do get a turn out but I never guessed how many people want things for free. I love free things but I have to make some kind of profit.

My web site on shopify  will be up this week and I will be introducing new products as well. I feel so blessed and happy that this is working out for me. I will definatly tell how many things that I have tried that really was not a good fit for me. I think other people can relate to my plight.

Until next time. The goal is to keep happy, heathy and length of our hair, bod and soul.

Hair Length


Hello CGO lovelies. I tried to post a video for you to see my hair length. I was straightening it and it was the perfect time to show it. But WordPress on my phone will not let me in. Why is that I wondered? But I have not answers.

So my hair length after washing and air-dried is 5 inches from root to cheek. After flat-iron it is eleven inches.  I am ecstatic. After years fo perming it and it not growing past my shoulders almost brought a tear to my eye.

So I have been using my hair and body butter after co-washing and I just used my hair thickener for flat ironing.

My products are doing well and my customers love it. I am going to promote it at a flea market this weekend. I have already an out-of-state order and my heart just flipped with joy. Corny right.

I love making my products, but even more I love that people are loving it just as much as me.

Finally  got some  pictures up. Until then, see you


meThis is my hair shrinkage.


Picking a Hairdresser for Natural Hair

Good  evening CGO’s. I wanted to talk about hairdresser’s. There are many hairdressers out there. Some who live eat and breath hair. Then there are those who are there to make a buck.

There are several things I look for a good hairdresser when I use to go. I took over taking care of my hair for reason’s I will put in the end.

1. When I walk into a salon, I immediately notice how many hairdressers are talking to each other.

You must be thinking that I am crazy. Listen to my logic. If they are talking more to each other and not paying attention to the client. It raises a red flag for me. That’s when mistakes happen. Over cutting, excessive pulling, burned by a blow dryer, curling iron etc..

2. Notice the body language and the eye signals.

When I go up to the receptionist and ask which hairstylist is good at natural hair care. If they tell you a name but you see the attitude behind it, example “Marcia is good, you want to wait for her”  am I inconveniencing you? Or  overly enthusiastic “Tamia is great, but they all are. It’s really up to you.” But the eye signal is, go for Tamia.

3. The hairstylist hair. 

There is nothing wrong with having weave or extensions. But if I see the their edges are next to nothing. The first thought is “Why are they not taking care of there own hair.” Yes, that is not any of my business. But if your representing a hairstylist then people will look at your hair.

4. Are the clients satisfied

When customers leave they do give a review of their work. They may say,”I like the cut, but I think she went a little scissor happy.” That little information, I put on the breaks. I’m trying to grow my hair not chop it off.

Those are just a few. I also believe in that old wise tale”will their hands help my hair grow?” I thought that was crazy talk that island people came with, but I have had my hair go through some trials and I will not allow just anyone to do my hair now. I take care of my children’s hair and their hair always grows. Just use your instinct and pick the best hairstylist for you.

EWWW What is Floating and Landing on Every One’s Hair

Hello CGP’s (completely gorgeous people). Last light I started thinking what is actually in the air and landing on my hair.  Weird thought right but it did float in there.

So my discovery totally grossed me out. First I work in the city. So the fumes are understandable but pieces of tires is an eye opener.

Also fat is deposited on my hair.Yuck!  It comes from the Chinese food store and the chicken spots, where they fry chicken. A scientific researcher took samples of particles floating in the air in several parts of New York and he found this and other things.

It depends where you are most of the day, for things to be able to get on your hair. We all know salt can break hair. So the fact I live by the ocean does not help. It helps my sinuses but not my hair.

I won’t even go into what could be happening when I am riding on the train. Normally I do not touch my hair, but there are times I do touch my hair after holding the pole to steady myself.

So knowing all this what am I supposed to do? I’m gonna tell ya what I’m gonna do. Stay diligent taking care of my hair and my daughter’s hair.

Continue my co-washes, deep conditioning and no heat styles to prevent damage. I just recently started wearing a silk scarf to my job because it helped combat the humidity and having my hair puff up. Now I have another reason.

What is floating around you? You can figure it out by just looking around. Information is power. I hope I gave you some useful info and if not at least I gave you some knowledge about what is in the air.